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In 2024, Helmer supported a proposed bill to amend the state constitution to bar abortions except in instances of incest & rape. The bill don’t passed, as well as he’s said he does not support it any longer. In 2024, he likewise expressed a wish to eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood, that operates family planning clinics around the state. Helmer feels that Congress needs to pass legislation that bans the selling of assault weapons, prohibits the sale of higher capacity magazines and also requires a licensing system to have a firearm.

He also supports requiring a background check for every gun purchase and regulating ghost guns. Provides which any all new electrical utility company restructured service field which includes everything or a component of a former energy public utility that’s entered into an alternative solution energy portfolio standard settlement or perhaps a clean economy plan shall procure all electricity bought in the service area exclusively from some renewable along with other specified energy resources starting on the particular date on which such renewable energy portfolio standard or perhaps clean economy program is implemented.

Provides that each electrical public utility shall procure a specific percent of electrical power sold in the company’s service area exclusively from renewable and other chosen energy resources. HB3812: Virginia Clean Economy Act additional language appropriations. Authorizes certain fee decreases plus rate reductions. Effective July 1, twenty. Repeals certain provisions related to an energy conservation and efficiency plan. Allows for the healing of increased costs of electric utility companies because of implementation of specified actions required pursuant to the Act.

SUMMARY AS INTRODUCED: en.wikipedia.org The Virginia Clean Economy Act additional language appropriations. SB1453: Revenues for Virginia Public Broadcasting creation appropriation. Authorizes the Virginia Public Broadcasting Authority to impose a fee, not exceeding 3 person per year, for the purpose of augmenting revenues from a federal excise tax or perhaps from a payment authorized by the federal Corporation for Public Broadcasting. SUMMARY AS INTRODUCED: Virginia Public Broadcasting Revenue and Sustainability Act.

Establishes the Virginia Public Broadcasting Revenue Fund. Sets forth requirements for the distribution of such money. He’s advocated for hundred % clean energy by 2024, including investing in the offshore wind industry as well as supporting policies that give the implementation of fresh energy technologies, like carbon sequestration, across Virginia. He’s been named an environmental champion by the Sierra Club and also the National Environmental Justice Advocacy Group. Helmer co-sponsored the Virginia Offshore Wind Act, the very first legislation to advance offshore wind electricity in Virginia.

– Helmer was one of the major voices in the General Assembly in passing legislation which will keep guns not hands of unsafe individuals, like those convicted of domestic violence. He is likewise committed to ensuring environmental justice, which requires that the most vulnerable communities Black, Indigenous and individuals of color be prioritized when considering the state’s climate change initiatives.